Music Can Enhance Athletic Performance | How?

You might have experienced this with music. It simply charges you up, isn’t it?

Taking a very close example of mine- one day I was feeling low and dull for no particular reason and felt like listening to some good music. Simply turned on the volume, the grooving beats got me up and I was already up and dancing to the tune. Music is the real escape and helps you with regaining that energy back for the day.

Can Music Enhance Athletic Performance

How Can Music Enhance Athletic Performance

Coming to the athletic performance, can turning on the EDM improve the game?

It may not have any direct effect though, but it surely charges up the player. Following are the different ways which prove that music perfectly works for sports people:

The brain is at work

When you listen to music, you are actually putting your brain at work. It sends out stimuli and signals to those brain parts which are not easily reached. Music reduces the stress hormone and will keep you relaxed.

Relieves the fatigue

Music has proven to postpone fatigue condition. It delays the time of the brain’s reaction to muscle fatigue, which automatically lets you play more effectively.

Keeps you emotionally charged

It’s normal to feel low or worn out after all those tiring practice sessions. However, you will have to stand strong and believe in yourself and the game. You can try listening to some power songs that will help you keep a cool head throughout the game. It also helps with retaining a positive outlook on the game, and definitely improves the focus too.

The synchronization helps in performing better

During the exercise, you are actually taking up your body as a single unit. With the help of the music, you can sync your body more easily, and also enjoy the moment.

How well does music work for you during your workout sessions? Has it helped in improving the game? Share us your stories and tips if any in the comment space below.

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Music Is the Best Performance Enhancer for Sport? | Fact Checks

Do you think listening to Metallica and Chuck Berry could improve your game and focus?

It really might! In 2007, the USA Track & Field, the national governing body of distance racing banned the use of earphones for the game. The reason was the concern of user safety, and also to prevent the runners from having a competitive edge. Well, the rule still remains active, and there are a good number of athletes opposing this.

How much do you agree with the effect of music on athlete’s energy and performance?

Can Music Help Enhance the Athletic Performance?

We are about to unveil the answer, pretty soon.

Yes! Music does enhance the gaming spirit and it could help in uplifting the performance. No matter when you listen to the music; before, during or after sports like ping pong, football etc. it is sure to motivate and inspire you to work harder for the game.

Dr. Costas – who is a world-famous researcher had once quoted that ‘music is a type of legal performance-enhancing drug’.

3 Ways How Music Proves To Be Beneficial For Players

You can test it out one day. No music on the first day, and then listen to music before playing on the 2nd day. Which one do you think was more active and happy? Yes, the one who listened to music, undoubtedly!

So, How Does Music Actually Help With Improving The Game?

Mind Diversion

music for mind diversionThis is the best and the most important one of all. While you are sweating and kicking hard on the practice, you are sure to get tired and feel fatigue. A good dose of music can help with diverting your mind from the restlessness and bring back the energy in your body. One article that I read on the Science Daily also mentioned how music could increase the endurance by 15%.

Increase Run RateAdjusts as per the Need

Have you ever noticed how a fast-paced song increased your run-rate? In the same way, you can adjust the pace of the song or the tempo of the song based on the work you are doing. If you are into some slow pace job which needs more attention of yours, then a slow-moving track can keep you active.

Makes you Happy

Music Make You HappyMusic has always been connected to emotions and positive feelings. These emotions trigger the inner motivation and help in making you feel good about yourself and the game.

No doubt famous athletes like these best table tennis players, and others like Alexandra Manly has also mentioned ‘as the racing gets closer, I switch to more upbeat music during the practise, that keeps me going’.

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5 Must-See Movies for Animal Lovers

Are you planning to binge-watch the best classic Animal movies this weekend?

Yes? Then find out the 5 Must-See movies based on Animal World that you should probably watch once in your lifetime.

5 Must-See Movies for Animal Lovers

Movies inspire us in different ways, isn’t it? Sometimes it inspires us to never give up, while sometimes it teaches us that it’s okay to be extraordinary and not the best. Animal movies teach us the similar values, but with a unique perspective. Now, Not all the animal-movies touches your hearts, but the ones given below stays forever in the millions of the hearts worldwide.

5. Babe


This is a comedy-drama film which revolves around the pig named Babe. It’s not the usual pet-movie, but it can be called as the coming-age movie which tries to break all the stereotypes related to the animals, especially pigs. It depicts the witty nature of Babe, and how he grows up and gets into herding sheep. This includes many relatable life lessons that you can learn from no matter your age.

4. Marley and Me

Marley and Me

Marly and Me, is yet another comedy-drama flick directed by David Frankel. The main character of the movie is Marley, who is a mischievous dog that is infamous for the continuous troubles he gives to this owners. The movie also stars Owen Wilson, and our very own Friends fame Jennifer Aniston, who are the owners of the dog. In the end, everyone loves Marley as he brings out the best in each family member. It has an emotional climax!

3. Duma


Duma is a fantasy movie directed by Carroll Ballard, and I can say that this movie didn’t fall in a category. This was one-of-a-kind of a movie which still can’t be compared with any other fantasy movies. The movie shows the happenings and adventures of a young boy when he sets on the journey of leaving Duma, an orphaned cheetah back into the wild.

Read our review about Kirkland dog food to know about the brand and why you should try them!

2. The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

I don’t know if you need any description for this movie, The Jungle Book produced by Walt Disney. It is the story of a young boy named Mowgli, who has been raised in the Indian Jungle among the wolves, panther, and bear. Bagheera is the name of the panther, whereas Baloo is shown as the bear. As the story moves on, you will find how the animals guide Mowgli through the different stages of life, without knowing the possible dangers of it.

1. Ratatouille


Ratatouille is the name of a dish that has tomatoes in the base with sautéed garlic, bell peppers, eggplant, onions, zucchini, fennel, basil, etc. Coming to the movie, it shows a unique relationship and friendship between a rat and a young-not-so-great chef. The rat is gifted with a special skill of cooking, and he helps the young chef out in the kitchen. It’s a riot of laughter and shows the emotions in a natural way.

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Eternal video shoot

We did a video shoot this morning at Carmen’s workshop in WeHo. Vlad’s close friends in the Bay Area are dealing with a 10-min video short – “Introducing Huun Huur Tu” (working title). They use the video footage from Tuva and also from the last November recording sessions at Fantasy Studios. Let’s grab some ideas from music educators.

We – Carmen, Mark, and Vlad – determined that this short will certainly be an excellent opportunity to state Eternal – the brand-new album. Mark asked his buddies to come as well as video us speaking about Eternal. Which was done previously today. The WeHo fotage will certainly be edited and also added to “Introducing Huun Huur Tu” brief. The short will be finished at some time mid/late July and also instantly uploaded on the web.

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