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In the summer of 2008, in Moscow, Vladimir Oboronko as well as Alexander Cheparukhin (both of GreenWave Songs), approached a distinguished Russian composer Vladimir Martynovwith idea of developing a 70 min long composition that would certainly mix ancient instrumental and also throat-singing sound of Tuvan set Huun Huur Tu with a sound of contemporary chamber band. Without hesitation, Mr. Martynov, that had already been familiar with Huun Huur Tu as well as their music, consented to participate in the project.

By late summertime of 2009 the make-up had actually been mostly prepared. It came out combining music from Huun Huur Tu collection with initial songs composed by Mr. Martynov specially for the project; the author additionally decided to introduce academic choir singing the verse of the well-known Russian avant-garde poet Velimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922). The job was called “Children of the Otter” after the eponymous poem by Khlebnikov

The timing for the conclusion of the task was best because earlier in the summer season of 2009 Mr. Cheparukhin, widely known songs marketer in Moscow, had been invited to join the social campaign of the city of Perm’. A provincial city, although “strategically” situated close by Urals Mountains separating subcontinents of Europe as well as Asia, Perm’ had chosen to come to be a cultural funding of Russia. Until now, Russia had two social resources: Moscow and also St. Petersburg – Perm’ chose to become a 3rd capital.

Invited by the city and also region’s authorities to sign up with the cultural campaign and establish as well as manage musical occasions in Perm’, Mr. Cheparukhin decided that “Children of the Otter”, incorporating old Asian music with modern European composing and doing methods, would certainly be an ideal make-up to be produced as well as premiered in Perm’.

By early September 2009, Vladimir Martynov (Moscow), Huun Huur Tu (Kyzyl, Tuva), chamber band Opus Posth (Moscow), singer Mikhail Stepanitch (Moscow), choir Mlada (Perm’) collected in Perm’. After several weeks of practice sessions, “Children of the Otter” was premiered in Perm’ on September 17, 2009.

The manufacturing and also premiere of “Children of the Otter” was implemented via a charitable assistance by Perm’ regional Ministry of Culture, Perm’ Philharmonia, and Perm’ Governor office.


Vladimir Martynov is a prominent Russian composer, philosopher, author, ethnomusicologist, chronicler and theoretician of songs. Known for his operate in the Concerto, Orchestral Music, Chamber Music as well as Choral Music categories, Martynov has explore rock and electronica, dealt with progressive, minimalism, and “New Simplicity” music. His job has been performed all over the world

Tuvan quartet Huun Huur Tu is a world-known ensemble of ethnic songs. Being the leader of “Tuvan Folklore Renaissance”, Huun Huur Tu does not restrict itself with showing different throat-singing styles, yet artistically translates and also establishes typical music of Tuvan heritage while performing around the world

Tatyana Grindenko is a celebrated Russian musician, violinist, champion of many residential and also international competitors (including Tchaikovsky Competition). Her doing experience spans with rock, electronica, all durations of European “classical” songs. She has worked together with well-known musicians and collectives, and directors both in Russia and abroad.

The chamber band Opus Posth was developed by Tatyana Grindenko in 1999. The band’s option of collection and efficiency style has been affected by Vladimir Martynov’s suggestions on postmodern composing: it overviews an audience to participate in the everflowing Stream of Music rather than produces very individualistic music water fountains as classical composing utilized to do.

Michail Stepanitch was educated as a timeless pianist, later on became thinking about vocal singing; sang in Moscow Armenian Choir, after that with a well-known ensemble of very early Russian music Sirin; has actually joined recordings of Vladimir Martynov’s job.

Choir Mlada is one of the most widely known collectives in the city of Perm’, laureate of numerous competitions in Russia and abroad. Over sixteen years of its existence, the collective has actually explored thoroughly in Russia as well as in Europe.

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