“Eternal” Reviews

“Tuvan band Huun Huur Tu have always functioned flawlessly well on their own, so combining them with electronic musician Carmen Rizzo was a bold experiment– what could he give the celebration? Rather a whole lot, it shows up … Rizzo shows to be the ideal supportive foil for Huun Huur Tu, taking exactly what they do and also enhancing and shading it, just like “Ancestors Call,” where the shamanic side of Tuva stands to the fore. The focal point, rather actually, of the album is “Dogee Mountain (Interlude),” an eight-minute item that verges more on modern-day timeless compared to anything to do with individual, world, or digital songs.” – iTunes

” It is a remarkable album, something I’ve personally been waiting for since I initially heard this band virtually 10 years ago: throat singing solidified by electronica. Don’t believe four-on-the-floor dancing cuts; instead, envision classy and effective low-end, percussively intelligent, moving and sweeping in the landscape while strings as well as voices poise the surface area. There is something influenced in their vocals; with standard instrumentation, it is a very powerful live experience. I’ve just never heard anything that records the style so well on document.” -The Huffington Post

” Lush electronic devices, stunning string plans and those amazing voices that oppose any type of notions that you might have of exactly what a human voice SHOULD be qualified of. This is blend songs at it’s most imaginative- one of those unusual tasks where various cultures perfectly clash, developing something totally brand-new as well as stunning.

” An extraordinarily effective crossbreed of old and also brand-new, acoustic as well as digital. Like a deformed Asian variation of Radiohead, this cd establishes people tunes impressively bulked up and stimulated with big-room workshop manufacturing alongside austere soundscapes that conjure up hauntingly barren badlands panoramas … This functions on simply concerning every level it might: as psychedelic rock, as straight-up globe songs make-up and also chillout cd.

” Combining standard Tuvan songs with electronica could seem like a strange concept, yet Rizzo and film composer Mark Governor draw it off with spectacular outcomes, adding an ambient component to the beautiful and haunting tracks from Huun Huur Tu, a Tuvan conventional quartet.” -Electronic Musician

” Daring experiment … Although never self-important, Carmen Rizzo uses instruments, synths, beats (and also some strings and brass) making the team even more shamanic and also psychological, as on the absolutely spectacular “Orphaned Child,” where the voices seem to be calling from the wilderness right into the void … Eternal marks a fantastic departure for Huun Huur Tu, sending the team extremely strongly into brand-new, wide open spaces and noting Rizzo as the perfect partner in crime.” – All Music Guide

” Carmen’s electronic sounds and also ambient backdrops move the songs right into an otherworldly location. The strangeness is damaged by the somewhat guttural; yet hauntingly stunning as well as apparent vocals of Huun Huur Tu. – Inside World Music

” Tasty Tuvtronica … The team is breaking brand-new ground in this recording, a collaboration with electronicist/producer Carmen Rizzo … There’s a remarkable brand-new world for Tuvan/overtone vocal singing fans, and a more accessible entry for those who might just be discovering the practice.” – Soundroots

” Intricately woven and also texturely astute while superior in nature.” – Smother Magazine

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