History of HHT Music

Huun-Huur-Tu originated from the previous Soviet Autonomous Republic of Tuva, a sparsely resolved region of grasslands, boreal forests, and also hill ridges that lies 2,500 miles east of Moscow Russia, situated at the center of Asia, north of Mongolia. This aboriginal music highlights uncommon instruments as well as preserves what is arguably some of the world’s earliest kind of music making. The most effective known style of Tuvan songs, xöömei (throat-singing), comprises exactly what one might call a vocabulary of musical onomatopoeia where natural noises are mimetically changed into musical depictions.

Their past partnerships range from Ry Cooder to The Kronos Quartet. The present cd “Eternal” is a collaboration with digital artist & record producer Carmen Rizzo (Niyaz, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Oakenfold, Seal) to form a distinct blend of ambient digital and also sonic textures as compared to a Brian Eno design album. The album takes you with a lush cinematic trip of virtually dream like sequences of deep joy. Forty mins of a thrilling trip throughout.

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